Thursday, February 10, 2005

hello big world

this is my first blog. bow at my feet, weak earthlings of the planet...well, earth.

you know just last week, i asked the question "who reads blogs anyway?" after posing such an unheralded query, i decided to look at jim and adrienne's realtime kazahkstan storyboard and *bam*, here we are. their apartment over there is like, really, really nice. much fancier than the usual digs you'd find in 3rd-rate cities such as washington.

so once again, i've exclaimed to the high heavens that "the internet is the greatest thing since pocket pc2003, and tivo, compostable forks, or runflat tires. include in that list portable speakers and reissues of stuff i had in the 80's." remember cartoon express?

in other news, suzi is up to her old moodiful tricks again. join her for tales of mystery and intrigue in the sleepy hamlet of peegee cahntee. speaking of hometowns, i'm not in mine any longer, but i wish mummy were here to help keep my clothes in order. once again, leave it to the internet to save my life; this lit'l flick comes to us from our far east cousins and eventual corporate masters of efficiency.


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