Wednesday, February 16, 2005

all manner of new n exciting things

gotta make this one quick, so i won't forget stuff i've run across today. no logical sequence, just read and click, read and click....

follow mark lombardi as he takes us on a weird mindmapped tour of american politics and business via "the nation's invisible hand"....

it's still cold in the mid-atlantic, though today's high of 61 was a hint of spring's good fortune. if you want to fast forward your mood, and learn a little about surfing in jamaica (jamaica? they have waves? and surfers?) stop by quashi surfboards. their favorite spot is aptly named "the zoo." and yes, black people do surf. i know, you need proof. for a little more background, check out an interview with patrick & billy mystic, founders of quashi. they've even hooked up with a curious group of surfing barbers out of california....

  • look the part, and help the planet by scootering around on the cool little 145cc 4-stroke bajaj chetak.... they actually sound like a "real" motorcycle. okay, so it's not really a vibrating 81" flathead harley built by shinya at zero, but you get the point. my personal favorite and dream scenario? the 1941 "u" running on cellulosic bioethanol
  • i've waited a long while for a stylish drankin' flask clad in leather. this one by ghurka has naturally-cured leather for the eco-consious swigger.
  • if you demand THE absolute best corn husk wisk broom, or german lanterns, or handmade woodsaws, check out garrett wade.
  • need something to store your expensive new handmade tools? try a bag from duluth pack, or a messenger bag from crumpler
  • ladies, looks like your favorite white-haired style icon ralph lauren took the howard hughes theme and flew with it. don't fret kind fellows, there's stuff for us too.


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