Friday, May 20, 2005


Hand me a late pass, then smack me with it. It appears there's a new "ice cream confection" in Germany that goes by the name "Nogger Black." It wouldn't be so bad if the font and marketing of the treat was stylized in a notably hiphoppy fashion. You can read more about this and other sweets like "Negerkuss" over at It seems some folk...actually, quite a few folk are saying this is being blown out of proportion. Call me hyper-sensitive, but this reeks of callous disregard for cultural iconotypes. It wasn't well-researched and just shows yet another example of...yes, racism.

With a little background, I found that the GB Glace company that makes the ice cream is owned by a part of Anglo-Dutch group Unilever. Well Unilever also owns Breyers, my favorite ice cream. Does that mean no more vanilla bean in the little black container?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, you cannot have any more breyers. unless i can continue to have col'dranks.

6:21 PM  
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