Friday, March 25, 2005

Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong

Each day finds me trying to relate agricultural history to the cultural identity of minorities in modern America. Luckily, eyes on the prowl (thanks Dr.D) hipped me to this interesting piece that aired on C-SPAN's "Book-TV": Israel on the Appomattox: Experiment in Black Freedom by Melvin Patrick Ely.

WHAT? Of course, when I saw the words "Appomattox" and "Black Freedom," I just knew it had something to do with Petersburg, from which I hail. Well I was wrong. But so was Thomas Jefferson. To find out why, and to read more about the batteaux, Nat Turner (also a fellow Virginian), and this early foray into the African-American permaculture movement, check out the book and C-SPAN coverage of the author. There's also an interesting interview with Ely on William & Mary's site.


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