Friday, July 22, 2005

Target has Bamboo Socks

Wow, more than a month? I got a new job and have been busy acclimating to working for the government. It's wonderful and not-so, all at the same time. Don't you love a dichotomous existence?

Regardless, I went to Tar-jhay to re-up on some basic workplace accessories like, you dress socks. Well guess what...they have bamboo fiber socks. I was geeked, sised even. Why would anyone want bamboo socks? For about 1,000 reasons, that's why. Read for yourself at bambrotex.

They're the house brand too, the Cherokees or whatever they're called. The damage? $3.99 for 2 pair. I think they're 80% bamboo and 20% rayon, so nice and stretchy and breathable. Not to mention bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial, and it's more eco-friendly than cotton by far. A while back on my bambooplantations mailing list, when the whole idea came about of using these fibers to weave clothing, some guy wore his for like a week straight doing all kinds of strenous things. Reported that they didn't stink nearly as bad as cotton ones, and a lot more ventilated as well.

At first I was gonna order some socks and undershirts from, but they still haven't gotten any yet. Then I happen upon this last pair at my local Target (PG PlazaYall...the one with the GOOD Gap that always has sales on slacks, because everybody in PG rocks the white tees, constant.) I looked for more, with no success. Someone else is on to my secret. I'm going to scour all the Targets til I find some more, in black, blue, and gray.

Even though China is going to take over the world in a few years (cars, electronics, green technology, you name it), I really appreciate their innovation and great work ethic; Go China! Oh yea, and let's hear it for Target and their good business sense (I mean, look at the furniture on the homepage. wal-mart can't fade it).

Found another nice item at Mad Mod...nice white bamboo towels. Haven't tried them, and at $58 for a set of 3 they might seem pricey to you cheapskates. Not sure of the durability either, but I intend on ordering within the week.


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