Monday, May 15, 2006


A little lightness for this Monday morning after Mother's Day (hey ma)... the topic is music, played in cars. YW is out of town and I'm carsitting the Prius for a few weeks. Great litte vehicle, I'm averaging about 52 miles per gallon. What's even better is the pile of CD's in the multiple glove compartments. I have no idea what most of it is because they are burned "gifts" from her DJ boyfriend. They're good though. Awesometastic even. One my favorites is a few tracks on the Benny Sings album "Champagne People" (see cover photo). Just happy music in general, reminds me of early Band of Bees. The title track is amazing.

For those of you without access to these lil golden nuggets, I point you toward OSN. Great stuff. Right now, I think we're both rocking to The Crusaders' "A Message from the Inner City." Also on the new playlist are Nouveau Riche

Now, back to work.


Blogger mindful said...

i love happy music

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