Saturday, July 22, 2006


So here's probably the first of many long-awaited posts about high-perfomrance cars that don't use oil. Oxymoron? Not really. (Those of you that don't care about cars, don't worry we'll get to the sexiness and stylishness and violence of it all soon enough.)

Ever witnessed a game changer? You got a funny sensation that nothing would ever be the same again? It's sort of like when Audi recently rewrote racing history by winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the diesel R10, powered by a synthetic fuel made from natural gas. (Minus 2 points for not being biodiesel, but plus 1 for using Gas-to-Liquids technology).

Well, here's another game changer....

"Dear Mr. Traditional Motorhead,

I know you think the sound of that naturally-aspirated aluminum-blocked V8 is what made you fall in love with the car, but in reality it was probably either the look or the performance. So yes, throaty growls from 2mpg tractor motors do have a certain...effect on a person. BUT this time it's different. Ooh goody-goody.


Non-traditional Motorhead"

I love cars. And motorcycles. And boats and bicycles and elephants and trains. Nothing new here. All types of transportation pique Emilito's interest, from Wild Mongolian Warrior Horses of Death to the very first crude 1870's Otto-cycle prototypes to the latest peek at our Jetson-like collective pastfutures (a 'la GATTACA :: trailer). Sadly, your friendly host on this journey through the history of go was born in an era of ape-like humans that mistakenly got us all hooked on fossil fuels. We must thank the internal combustion engine for those sounds of love; there is nothing like the thugga-chugga of a crude industrial Lister diesel ((LISTEN)), or the high-pitched wail of a Ferrari Formula 1 V12 ((LISTEN)).

That said, the stuff coming from the tailpipe has gone from being cool (age 10) to extremely and utterly wacktastically corny, real stupid-like (age 29). "Emissions are for losers" is a bumpersticker I've never seen but would make me smile in agreement. Even if those emissions are from biodiesel or eco-ethanol/butanol, they're still emissions. I would've thought humanity had evolved beyond that by now. Here though, it seems as though we have what just, just might be a look into the future of emotionally-charged human transport. It's clear I've sold my researching soul to Google, as well as my directionally-challenged Google Earth. The logical next step is to cars powered by electricity that blow the doors off conventional fossil runabouts, again, brought to you in part by Google. What are these guys on? Whatever it is, I like it.

So yes, the Tesla. See the video, go to the site, think about what we might be seeing here real hard like. Try to wrap your mind around it (helps to know that "power" shouldn't necessarily be equated with loud engines and inefficient operation). Imagine the ramifications of its potential success. Remember it's not the only car of this type, there are and will be more. Let's go a step further; someone put Pharrell or Kanye or Jay or Weezy in one of these and call up Jarvis Stewart to get his friends at Toyota moving on an all-electric Supra for 2009, Corolla for 2010, and Bentley super luxury land-yacht for 2011. Oh, and all of these could be charged at home using a Honda solar unit.


Blogger vintagent said...

I've been a fan of the Tesla since seeing one recently, esp as I already like the Lotus Elise. An electric car that kicks a Ferrari's ass is good enough for me!

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