Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Uhm...uhhh, yeah

Well, it's the new year and with that comes change. I'll share my first piece of newosity today, with a declaration of sorts. Apple is official, like legitimate paperwork at a Turkeminstan border crossing official. Can't really stand these geniuses and their clever minds, not to mention the hordes of cultlike followers; "Mac FanBoyGirls," or "MF's" because I'm lazy. The aforementioned MF's had reason to rejoice this afternoon, and this most recent announcement at that temple of tech that is Macworld was enough to set fingers ablaze.

This new iphone gadget, well I gotta admit it's pretty fly. Read up on it at all the fanboy sites, or check the apple page directly for interesting flash movies. I hate that this post is clear evidence of my bandwagonny technophilishness, but I mean come on, it's got maps! I'm most impressed by the myriad of nice little details, stuff like autorotate from landscape to portrait views, autosync with your computer's browser bookmarks, and the ability to skip voicemails, visually. (Even tells you how many seconds are left in the rambling.) That last feature alone is enough to run out and drop, no slam a wad of cash ($600, to be exact) on a Cingular sales counter in June. One thing that's missing, and I'm sure will be available later is text editing software, oh and maybe it's own solar trickle charger. Leave it to some enterprising chaps or chappettes to come up with something by July 4th, just in time to blog live from "Independence Day on the Mall," co-osted by Lionel Richie and Phyllis Diller.


Anonymous Cherra said...

It is a brilliant little device, but I expect nothing less from Apple. Luckily, with only 4 or 8 GB models available, my ipod won't become redundant just yet.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous tremaine said...

definitely good to see technology worked to the fullest, but i won't be jumping on this "I" bandwagon anytime soon...


1:02 PM  

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