Thursday, November 06, 2008

Presidential Style

Image is important. Superficial sure, but being biological creatures, we've evolved the art of the dance. And dance requires costumes, colored with intention and precisely cut. Clothing is one of those personal expressions that simply can't be ignored. It smacks you in the face, whether you notice or not. An ode to materialism? Perhaps. But until we're all free to sunbathe nude on St. Maarten, body coverings matter.

With regard to Washington power brokers, we are entering new territory. Monocle magazine flicked skyward a half-hearted thumb to the President-Elect, and Leffot was no more impressed (particularly with regard to the candidates choice of footwear). Suffice to say, Obama is one of the better-dressed politicians...most of the time. How it will go over in the transition from Senator to Prez is yet to be determined. "Image" in Washington is an interesting thing. Here, the goal is to exude power while fitting into that most wonkish of molds. Sadly, the mold is boxy, ill-fitting and trends toward basic solids (read blue). Now that there'll be a new sheriff in town, how far out of the box will he step? If his wife is any indication, there's lots to look forward to. While I don't find all of the First-Lady Elect's decisions to be enlightened, she's quite expressive and willing to take risks. It will be an interesting four years, to say the least.
The First Lady's Style
The SF Gate says "nice suit"

Photo: Obama in a bespoke Hartmax 2-button in Washington Blue


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