Wednesday, February 16, 2005

wright brother's inspired workspace

blu dot's 'paperclip desk'

the adjective "good" is, by default, dependent upon the viewer's background, taste, and expectations. i think i have good taste, and at least one other person agrees. naturally, it must then be taken as fact. or not. but let's not argue the details.

the folks at blu dot furniture appear to have that "good designer" gene. they've have introduced some novel designs to the ordinarily staid world of big-box shopping; you know, those homogenous "home improvement" stores like ____ depot. with the opening of its first manhattan store, the big HD knew it had to keep things funky. what this means for you, oh jolly consumer, is a new level of exciting product offerings.

affordable quality and lusty aesthetics haven't been seen in this retail sector since, well ikea and target. you might question the value in a $400 desk that looks simply of wires and plywood, but you have to admit the 'paperclip' is a pretty attractive place to pay your bills. this desk is freakishly similar to the 1903 wright flyer, but that's open to intrepretation. you can, however, play wilbur and orville with your own version of their famous kite. what better way to accomplish this feat than with a... kite (except you don't ride this one, unless you're a hamster). but wait; this model's been described by edmund scientific as "one of the finest examples of aerial artwork ever designed." maybe they haven't seen those chinese dragons that shoot bottle rockets from their nostrils....


Blogger effuimpretty said...

dude...i've never known someone so into the design of things.
it's all about that "look".
you're swanky.

7:51 PM  

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