Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Late Pass on Mark Morford

Please forgive me, but I spit soymilk (actually, Odwalla Super Protein Vanilla Al'mondo Soymilk Drink...yes, that's really what it's called) when I read a piece by San Francisco Gate columnist Mark Morford. Interestingly enough, the piece entitled "I Cannot Yet Skin A Deer: Are you prepared for the Big Collapse? Peak Oil? Rural Life? Can you pickle meat and eat bark?"
was soon foreshadowed by the comedic wit of "Beer & Porn & Guns & Manicures." I was told I need a manicure. That's not going to happen...and not because I think it's "ghey", but because it's unneccessary. I'm just going to mess them up again, and what woman doesn't love old motor oil under her man's nails? I mean, really. Oh yea, I do think only women should get manicures. The irony.

More links you say? Hows about flyable Star Wars models, or maybe beer with nicotine? Not your speed? Well take a peek at this Rosendahl Ice Scraper and F.A. Porsche Hexagonal Butane Lighter, both from Yanko Design.


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