Sunday, November 27, 2005

DC-area Bars & Lounges

In the interest of helping out the folks new to DC, and to keep a running list for myself, I'm coming up with a list of the area's best bars & lounges. At least, the places I frequent. Maybe they'll even be characterized by genre and purpose, ie "Where to go when you really wanna get lit" or "Nice to visit when you wanna impress a date and not seem like you're trying too hard." Here's a rundown of places I can think of off the top of my head. I'll try to do one review a day, or ever couple of days for the next few weeks. Let me know if there's any I've missed.

* Asylum - For your inner Harley-rider
* Busboys & Poets - "I love the way you recite Neruda in your sleep"
* Cafe Saint-Ex - Vive la Icelandic Air!
* Franklin's Restaurant & Brewery - A beer named 'rubber chicken'
* Bar Pilar - Golden elephants and vintage advertising signs
* Dan's Cafe - pour your own drink, throw a chair
* Ozio's - jiggy widdit
* 1223 - more jiggy widdit
* Chi-Cha - silky velveeten paisley couchtime
* Cafe Japone - sushay, shante
* The Diner - 24 hrs
* Top Shelf - after booktime
* Recessions - indian bartenders and karaoke
* Cafe Nema - habesha ratatouille
* Tryst - a perennial favorite, still fly
* The Common Share - cheap n funky
* The Blue Room - all you can drink specials
* Stan's - pour your own, enjoy the mirrors
* Bossa - brazilica on seat cushions
* The Red Room @ Black Cat - before a concert
* Wonderland Bar and Ballroom - the perennial neighborhood bar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

[from rbostick, who's having trouble posting on her own. sorry r.]

i like. i've been doing lots of socializing so, this will be a good list. i'd suggest the mafia room (FUR) and the pit for concerts (VIP preferably...good view of the stage and, you can take your shoes off w/o stepping in some bamma's spilled drink). what's the name of that bookstore on dupont circle...a few doors down from the books-a-million??? love when you get in for free. fur when you get in for free (everythings at least okay when it's free). jojo's resturant and bar for First Tuesdays. teasim...any location. the one on dupont for meeting with old mentors...the one on 8th street for poetry. for resturants: jaleo, georges falafel (i think) it's off m street, tu-o-tu, la madelines (you should do a restuant guide too...maybe this can be the beginnings of the georgetown spots. btw...have you ever been to the used bookstore that's right off wisconsin in upper-mid georgetown? all the joints at the waterfront are hot and the loews theater and the gym are places i've been frequenting lately. as are metropolitan baptist church ( i'm taking this hip hop in the christian dimension class. we meet for the final time this year next wednesday 6:30 to 8pm. join if you're interested 1225 R St, NW.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous jlew said...

tryst consistently dissapoints

i havent been to blue room in years, need to check it out

wonderland was funfunfun. diverse crowd, rock downstairs and hiphop upstairs. dont have to dress up. room for drunken dancing.

sorry you missed the applesauce wrestling. im sure it would have added great joy to you life

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bar rouge - good for a date. beautiful ambience, happy hour: best quesadillas ever (5 bucks) and cheap tasty margaritas - and i love asylum i'm usually there once a week - ray

11:48 AM  

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