Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Great New Stuff

To take a pause from serious topics like impending energy/water/social security/real estate/trade deficit crises, I want to talk about clothes, women, gadgets, and music. Actually, I'm just going to throw up some links, get real materialistic for a little while, then we'll resume adult talk at a later date.... That WAS Shakara Ledard in the picture, case you didn't know. I like her lots. But they took it down, and I didn't upload to my computer.

What's the point of this post? I guess it's to realize that we all make thousands of choices on a daily basis. In making these choices there is responsibility. As consumers, we spend money on some pretty stupid things, and some that aren't so stupid. The key is to balance out the necessities from the excesses, and make sure other people don't suffer from our own habits. I guess. I'm still learning. And no, you didn't learn anything new from what I just wrote. Maybe I'm writing this to myself, so I don't forget.

Some of my favorite cult of consumerism blogs are Cool Hunting, MocoLoco, Green Car Congress, and Design Sponge, to name a few. There's also Gizmodo and BoingBoing, oh and can't forget English Cut. From any of these sites, there are countless others showcasing what's new in the world of...stuff.

They're great because they show me just what I can't afford. There's things on here that nobody in the world needs, but some creative design geek decided to create it for public consumption. Though "things" are the root of all the planet's ills, I love things. Cars, bicycles, buildings, neckties, women, containers, plant boxes, A/C units, watches, DVDs, books, socks, the list is endless. And when you have to spend your hard-earned cash on these items (no, not the women-they're not items, but they are expensive), why not know what's out there, what to compare the crappy version you have, and what you aspire to own. After all, it's about quality and durability as well as the look and feel. Not that owning stuff is the goal of's more so that the things you must own serve their function very well, and add to the life experience.

What might add to my life right now (pending removal of lesser items from the rapidly overcrowding attic and garage) are a Klein leather toolbag, white ikea 365 bowls, and a bespoke wool suit from Saville Row. Oh yeah, and a Mercedes 190D Ponton (1957-1960) with an airstream trailer and 17' Mahogany sheathed kayak from Chesapeake Light Craft....


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