Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Helping the Victims

The winds and rain have stopped, but the waters in New Orleans are still rising (as of 7:56am EST 8/31/05). Some folks in Mississippi and Alabama are starting to dig out and gather belongs, but some in the bowl of the Crescent City have no idea when the waters will recede to even return to their neighborhoods. It's a horrible situation.

I don't know how much this will help, but there have been widespread reports of fuel shortages for emergency vehicles, rescue crews, hospital electrical generators, and other vital services. Much of the oil and gas infrastructure was hit hard by Katrina, and may not be online for a few days. As such, something minor every American can do to help is to drive less, thus cutting the demand and ensuring the necessary supplies are used in the South where it's needed most. I hope Bush makes this a priority in an upcoming speech on the situation. It'd relieve the sour taste from his post-9/11 call to keep shopping, as to "not let the terrorists win."

And don't forget, the Red Cross needs money/volunteers/supplies. It's easy to donate online, or call your local office. Help how you can, instead of just sighing the that's-so-bads.


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