Sunday, January 01, 2006

Oh Man, 2006?

Happy New Year, according to the Gregorian calendar here in the good ol' USA. "The Team" is enjoying a great time here in LA at Suite17D studios...and yes that includes lots of rain. I didn't think it rained in Southern California, but apparently that's a lie I've told myself in lieu of reading The forecast is for sunny and 75, as soon as we leave. HA.

I won't delve into any philosophical realms today. It's much too early, after last night anyway. A round of shouts and hugs and kneeslaps to the Popeye's on Hollywood Blvd (what's that crossstreet, Dre?), a drunken "Tom" and the Myspace limo parked outside of Excess, Mr. Nice Man at Brazil Cafe on Venice (they seem to like Bob Marley), the strippers in the regular club that "only dance for tips," bathrooms and alleyways, copper-colored shimmery dresses (!) and green bracelets, the guy that offered me eggs (he did say eggs, didn't he?), and so many more in this land of enchantment and silicone. A hat-tip to you, Los Angeles. Maybe today I'll find some Richard Neutra architecture, then dance all night at the Little Temple.


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