Wednesday, April 11, 2007


(c) Razor AppleYes, I know that screamed "little girl seeing her first pony and hoping she'll get one for Christmas," but I just couldn't contain my excitement when I saw these. Basically, there's a series of 11 track bikes (Bianchi Pistas) that have...get this, frames and wheels inspired by 80's era BMX and freestyle bikes. How crazy is that?

I'm a bike fanatic and always have been, at least until Metro "stole" my '87 Trek roadie from the Metro. Of course, this was after someone else had liberated the rear wheel beforehand. Single speeds, or "fixies" as the bike messengers call them have the most wonderous frame geometry, and they look flippin' smooth cruisin' down 14th Street. Now I've come to rely on a '72 Raleigh Hercules, which used to be a 3-speed but the nasty rust bug got to it and now it's a single, stuck in hardest gear of course. Hey, the bright side is big Lance Armstrong calves come summer.

Back to these beauties...modern renditions of Skyway, GT, Dyno, Hutch, P.K. Ripper. Awesomely rad. Makes me wanna jump a ramp made of plywood and a broken cinder block. See 'em all at Razor Apple.


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