Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What, Two Months?

Sorry for the extended vacation, but you know, things happen. Thanks for keeping an eye out though. Of course the internets merrily march along even when some of us don't log on; what other global entity can continue charting human progress at breakneck speed? This to say, there's always something new in this big ol' world of ours.

Today's entry comes to you courtesy of New York City, where some guy in Brooklyn is sneaking his own personal sticker of origin on the city's cliched moniker. However, he's not really growing any apples on the little urban farm in Flatbush, so nix that previous sentence. Nonetheless, it's good to know broiler-rearing is accepted within the borders of America's most populous city. Excellent story, full of rabbit carnage and other sordid details of raising food for oneself.

Speaking of Brooklyn, if you're around Atlantic and looking for a stuffed brown bear, mannequin feet, or apothecary pestles, look no further than DARR.


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