Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Humanity's Sine Qua Non

Back at work and readying for a windpower conference, I began some thinking on the necessity of energy in our everday lives. Now it goes without saying...the people of today are pretty reliant on energies, be they derived from coal, natural gas, oil, biomass, wind, water, or the sun itself. From the basic cellular level (stuff like mitochondrial protein production and intramolecular transport of adp) to, oh, the manufacture of condoms and aluminum foil and underwear and cotton candy, everything really...well it's pretty evident we require energy to function. The recent 'crisis' in the Ukraine with regard to their natural gas supplies from Russia only brought the issue home to millions in the former Soviet republic. I fear it portends things to come elsewhere in the globe. A recent Hollywood take on this coming battle for resources is Syriana. Admittedly, I have to watch it again as the storylines are so interconnected. Quite enjoyable though, even if they missed a few key points about energy as it relates to corruption, poverty, human rights abuses, and any number of other growing global problems.

On a lighter, more musical note (clever pun, I know), who's had a chance to experience the Philips GoGear HDD6330 Jukebox? I need a new mp3 player, and this seems to be a viable non-Apple contender. To go along with it, maybe I'll pick up some speakers from Holland Electro/Marcel Wanders....


Blogger IamTrueTalent said...

Hmmm...where to start?
So I clicked on "manufacture condoms" and I guess I know where the saying "getting the wood" comes from now. When you use a condom, technically you're getting dupped by a tree (I know that was corny). At any rate, pretty interesting literature in that article, I have Pros and Cons about condoms but I'll save that debate for later.
I'm off to fantasize about those dope a** speakers you mentioned...and that flyy jukebox. YES!

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