Monday, January 16, 2006

Target, Good Ol' Target

You know I was excited when the missus walked in with a goodie-bag from the Minneaopolis-based retail giant. Whenever I visit every couple of weeks or so, I'm pleasantly surprised by some new product, like the bamboo dress socks from a ways back. America's favorite high-design/low-cost big-box has done it again. I'm happy to report silky-soft bamboo sheet sets and towels are now available at your local red dot.

The sheets are only 60% bamboo rayon (40% cotton), but they're 300 thread count and very soft. The current colors are a little earthy (sage, blue, violet, natural) and I'm looking for a plain white set, but otherwise they sleep very nice. There's even a 440 thread count set in sateen (whoa Nelly) for the big-ballers with the vibrating king-size mattresses.

The towel sets are impressive as well. They are soft but have good abrasive qualities, and they dry quickly. Just waiting on them to get dirty/funky to test the washability.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you married now? What did I miss?

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto anonymous...
But any who, Target is awesome. I could live in the bed and bath section, eat out of the food section and dress in the clothes section. There are some cool Eddie Bauer campin/picinc gear stuff I need to put on a wish list.
A truly self sustaining place. I need to purchase stock in the company...they get enough of my paycheck...and so does my High School ;)
As I think of it, I'm taking a trip to the Red and White Circle and Dot today...maybe.
Good looking out with highlighting Target. What's good with the bamboo survey you sent me? I can't find it and need to respond.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Miss Kristy said...

milio' what the dealy-o.

i was at Target yesterday and i purchased some Woolite to wash my delicates, some hand sanitizer because too many people cough/sneeze into their hands & touch subway poles, and some baby oil because i like to be greasy.

the sheets sound divine and i certainly need some more... will try thr bamboo. :)

9:58 AM  
Blogger mindful said...

speaking of which, i have to find out where the nearest target is out here... thanks for this... lol...

3:40 PM  

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