Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Silver Boxes, Wooden Boxes

As you've noticed, there haven't been as many posts as usual. This has been an extremely busy October, but I'm not at all complaining. Lots going on in the land of sustainability, design, green energy, all that juicy stuff. The head's justa spinnin', what with all the new developments. As a matter of fact, it's been so busy that I still haven't read the latest issue of Dwell.

Guess who's on the cover though. Come on, I'll give you one chance. Yep, Rocio Romero, along with her husband, both of 'em cold-chillin' in the entryway of her now-famous LV Home. Papa King still calls it a "sci-fi trailer," but he likes the windows. (Honestly dad, if you wanna see a real trailer that might qualify, check out Trailer Wrap. Image above lifted from Josh Spear). So it's still a little trailery, I can admit that. Nice concept though; I wonder how long it'll be before used trailer frames start showing up on eBay.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


We're almost midway into October and here I am thinking a lot about scaringdom and eviscerated movie heroes, wanton spirits and the like. Then of course, soon we'll have the warehouse-grown turkeys and revisionist historical tales, followed by a materialist American Christmas, ohboy. It'd help if I were one of the Google guys, or Richard Branson because I was really in a consumerist mood earlier this month. Maybe it's the lower gas prices (time to get that eighteen-wheeler on spinners you've been lusting for all summer? They'll most likely be back up in spring though, homies. Visit RSquared for a primer on winter gas prices.)

Enn-ee-ways, I've rediscovered the joy of netcentric windowshopping, along with opening yet another online account that I'm sure is actively tracking my clicks. Maybe you're aware I'm a museum fetishist, and because I sometimes forget this is a design blog as much as a digital soapbox, I'd like to direct your attention to some new capitalist heavens. Maybe heaven organizational tools are describe them better? Two sites that enable the average Joe or Josephine to bookmark photos with the vim of a crackhead are cribcandy and wists. Methinks they are connected in some way and I'm sure there are more places like this, these social bookmarking tools they call 'em. Anyway, here's yet another way for complete strangers to get into my head and see what I'm thinking about, or at least drooling over with little possibility at all any of it will ever come into my possession. So, here's a look at my virtual museum ::Emil's WistsList:: Now, I'm on the hunt for vintage taxidermy specimens; a jackalope would be nice. It's uhm, so I can set up the garage as a haunted home office....

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