Sunday, November 27, 2005

DC-area Bars & Lounges

In the interest of helping out the folks new to DC, and to keep a running list for myself, I'm coming up with a list of the area's best bars & lounges. At least, the places I frequent. Maybe they'll even be characterized by genre and purpose, ie "Where to go when you really wanna get lit" or "Nice to visit when you wanna impress a date and not seem like you're trying too hard." Here's a rundown of places I can think of off the top of my head. I'll try to do one review a day, or ever couple of days for the next few weeks. Let me know if there's any I've missed.

* Asylum - For your inner Harley-rider
* Busboys & Poets - "I love the way you recite Neruda in your sleep"
* Cafe Saint-Ex - Vive la Icelandic Air!
* Franklin's Restaurant & Brewery - A beer named 'rubber chicken'
* Bar Pilar - Golden elephants and vintage advertising signs
* Dan's Cafe - pour your own drink, throw a chair
* Ozio's - jiggy widdit
* 1223 - more jiggy widdit
* Chi-Cha - silky velveeten paisley couchtime
* Cafe Japone - sushay, shante
* The Diner - 24 hrs
* Top Shelf - after booktime
* Recessions - indian bartenders and karaoke
* Cafe Nema - habesha ratatouille
* Tryst - a perennial favorite, still fly
* The Common Share - cheap n funky
* The Blue Room - all you can drink specials
* Stan's - pour your own, enjoy the mirrors
* Bossa - brazilica on seat cushions
* The Red Room @ Black Cat - before a concert
* Wonderland Bar and Ballroom - the perennial neighborhood bar

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Stuff on a Friday Night

I get paid tomorrow I think. Whenever you're looking forward to a paycheck, it's fun to imagine there's extra zeros on the tail end, and you'll be able to buy like...a transistor radio factory or a miniature pony or something. In cash. Sadly, that's not my reality no matter how much I lobby the tooth fairy. The theme this week appears to center on wood (not wooden teeth, as I'm sure you were thinking). At the top of the list there's the Perpetual Calendar by Enzo Mari (1959, thanks YW), a bevy of bamboo root and reclaimed teak dcuks (yes, dcuks, and yes I own some. I'm not ashamed, and no they aren't tended by a society of gnomic garden monk statuettes), and the special edition burlwood SK65 smartphone by Siemens (peep the juxtaposition of wood and metal; note that I was waiting to use "juxtaposition" in a sentence).

Speaking of phones, something getting some press lately is a super techno-throwback of immense proportions (you'll get the pun when you see it). My friends think they are so hipster cool (in a self-deprecating kind of way), but they really aren't because they don't see the brilliant irony in the Hulger 'P' Phone. Supposedly there's a bet I won't get one and use it at the bus stop, because that would garner lots of weird stares, or laughs, or both. Red would be good for that 'direct-line-to-the-president' effect; get your Kennedy on with the black one. This reminds me of something they'd give to employees at DollarLand. Well, if DollarLand Corporate Headquarters (Menomie, Idaho) was kind like that. I don't think they are that kind, which is sad.

Remember electric football? I do, and Miggle Toys still makes them. This game is totally useless, but you'll be entranced by the thrum of tiny plastic warriors vibrating backwards and in circles. I think you'll also appreciate the fact they have stadiums with seats and lighting. You know, in case you want to invite 40,000 of your closest miniature plastic friends to watch a night game in the fortress you've created under the dining room table. I'm inclined to recreate the 1967 NFL season, complete with mud and single-bar facemasks. This totally unnecessary possession isn't wood though. I guess you figured that out.

Something free that's pretty cool is the blog Panapopticist. In case you missed it, one of the better posts from the week showcased cartoon character skeletons. Come to think of it, I never realized Hello Kitty's skull could be so interesting. Reminds me of Gunther von Hagens' BodyWorlds exhibits. *They have a horse now; it's no pony, but a horse will suffice, since I guess a horse is just a bigger, more expensive pony.